We are Applied Tubing, a Plastic Tubing company. Applied Tubing strives 100% to serve our customers. We work for quality in our products and efficiency in the delivery of the best products in the market to you. 

An employee owned California company specializing in Plastic Tubing - supplying Plastic Tubing to the Industrial and Medical Device Markets - we serve and provide customers from west to east coasts.

Applied Tubing supplies a wide assortment of Plastic Tubing. Please visit our Industrial and Medical Grades Tubing Products pages for your selection. 

We also supply Medical Device Manaufacturers with medical grade tubing products. These products are Pebax® grades, Multi-Lumen Tubing, PTFE Thin Wall Tubing, PEEK Tubing, FEP Heat Shrink Tubing, Double Heat Shrink Tubing, ePTFE Tubing, and Breathable Films. For Multi-Lumen Tubing please use our easy to use Design Specifications Form for your design requirements. Visit the Applied Medical Tubing page for Medical Device Market tubing products.

Applied Medical Tubing meets ISO 10993 and meets FDA standards for biocompatibility, and meets USP Class VI criteria. You have our guarantee.

We will give you the close attention and customer service that you require to meet your customer requirements! You get the attention you deserve!

Other services that may interest your organization are listed on our services page. 


Please have our sales department give you a quote by going to our "Get a Quote" page and filling in your requirements - or send an email to sales@appliedtubing.com

It's always our pleasure to serve you.

Thank you.

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  • To ensure our partners receive the highest quality standards in customer service
  • To be a strategic partner and a company you can rely upon to complete tasks on-time and on-budget
  • To apply our experience to the success of manufacturing your device
  • To work as your partner through all phases of product realization - from concept to the fully assembled product. 
  • To listen to partners needs and work with them in order to insure 100% customer service and expectation.


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